Maschi - Stud Dogs
Shiny Coat Vivaldi 4 Seasons CIB CIE ItYCh ItCh RSMCh  FRCh ACh HRCh SLOCh 2XSoc.BeautyYCh RCI 5xSoc.BeautyChRCI 1XSocChRCI Qualified for life to CRUFTS  
VHC in Open Class CRUFTS 2013  
3°Prize in SWG Class CRUFTS 2015 
VHC in SWG Class CRUFTS 2016 
Reserve in SWG Class CRUFTS 2017
CIE ItCh 2015 SocBeautyYChRCI 2016 SocBeautyChRCI 
Shiny Coat Oklahoma CIB CIE ItCh MngCh SkCh GrCh VetSLOCh Qualified for life to CRUFTS  
1° Prize SWG Class CRUFTS 2015
Shiny Coat Liv She Is My Life  ItYCh ItCh SloCh Qualified at CRUFTS 2011
Shiny Coat Black Panther CIE ItCh ECh SLOCh HCh 
Soc.BeautyYChRCI 2014 Soc.BeautyCh RCI 2015
Felicemente accasati
Shiny Coat Liv Quebec's Pine Wood  CIB CIE ItCh SLOCh VetSLOCh
Shiny Coat Why Not CIE ItCh LuxCh
Shiny Coat Liv X-Treme Taj ItYCh
Black Amanda's Zig Zag ItYCh ItYSocCh RSMYCh
Shiny Coat Shining Star  HrYCh  RSMYCh  
Qualified at CRUFTS 2011
Shiny Coat Cuba Libre
Per ricordare
Oly Black of Fundy Bay's Najad RiprodCh CIB  CIE  DualCh ItCh FTCh FrCh Trialer ACh RSMCh 2xEWCh 4xSoc.Ch.  
Qualified at CRUFTS 2000-01-02-03-04-05
Shiny Coat Black Magic  CIE ItYCh ItCh MngCh RiprodCh
Shiny Coat Cassio CIE ItCh LuxCh RSMCh MngCh Qualified at CRUFTS 2008
Artemis de la Source D'Edesse RiprodCh ItYCh AdMCh RSMCh
Shiny Coat Dakota CIE RSMCh MngCh ItCh  
Qualified at CRUFTS 2008